Art of Floating

We have 5 Sensory Deprivation Tanks. Our staff is well trained and excited to facilitate an awesome and profound float experience for you.

Experience profound rest and relaxation. Plan a trip, an inner excursion. . . at your home away from home.

Express the real you.

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@ArtofFloating Nov 28, 02:19

This video isn't a unique experience for just these women. It's awesome to work in a float center and hear what cli…

@ArtofFloating Nov 25, 20:08

Floating for Parkinson's

@ArtofFloating Nov 23, 16:29

the hurdle is thinking that floating is a once and done kind of thing. Here we know what floating does for you, so …

@ArtofFloating Nov 20, 02:46

Don't forget to download our app on your smart phone and get updates and things to lift your…

@ArtofFloating Nov 17, 17:55

You're worth it. Invest in your mental health. Book your next float asap! - via

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Did y'all know that AoF has $35 Floats??? Come and get your float on - via

@ArtofFloating Nov 14, 14:06

If you've floated before you know what a difference it can make in your life. Tag a friend that could use a hand an…

@ArtofFloating Nov 11, 21:00

Float infographic

@ArtofFloating Nov 10, 20:12

Get the #Artoffloating #APP. Book from your phone and get mental circuitry clearing messages from the AOF crew.…

@ArtofFloating Nov 10, 19:44

If you have a voice, you have value. Don't ever sell yourself short. Keep Calm and Go Float! - via

@ArtofFloating Nov 08, 23:35

#FunFact: The phrase "learn things by heart" or any similar phrase was said because thought, mind and soul were located in the heart.

@ArtofFloating Nov 08, 22:25

Check out our new infographic. This should help out all new floaters understand how it works. #floating #jre

@ArtofFloating Nov 04, 22:35

Yes! World Champions #Float. There's no reason why PA residents can experience world class float treatment.…

@ArtofFloating Nov 04, 18:17

3, 5 and 10 Float Packages are now available! Get them at Art of Floating or buy them online!…

@ArtofFloating Nov 04, 18:04

Behind the Strange New Science of Floating

@ArtofFloating Nov 04, 14:17

$35 Float Packages are now available in 3, 5 and 10 Packs! Get them here:

@ArtofFloating Nov 04, 12:55

Your inner adventure awaits.

@ArtofFloating Oct 17, 17:58

Art of Floating cares very much for our Vets! Experience sensory deprivation. See what floating can do for you.

@ArtofFloating Oct 13, 17:55

Take away the bulky suit and the earth. Add in some skin temperature water and about 1000 pounds of salt

@ArtofFloating Oct 13, 13:55

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Register for the next Mental Arts Network Free Webinar. Set your mind on the path to achieving your goals.…

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20% off all floats in October. book here:

People try sensory deprivation tanks for the first time

Float Nation Documentary

The most powerful tool for self-development