Art of Floating

The floatation tanks here at Art of Floating are the most technologically advanced tanks on the market. There are 5 tanks and each tank is in it's own room. The tanks are equipped with their own filtering system and a light installed inside to let you know when it is time to get out. There is about 12 inches of water and 850 pounds of epsom salts in the tanks. We also offer Therapeutic Massage and have Artwork for sale created by local Artists!

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Item Name Price
Float $50

People try sensory deprivation tanks for the first time

Float Nation Documentary

The most powerful tool for self-development

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@ArtofFloating Sep 22, 15:18

#webinar Register for our webinar to Realize What You Want in Live and Achieve Your Goal! Click Here ->…

@ArtofFloating Jun 22, 20:46

Reality Creation through the Dyad -

@ArtofFloating Jun 06, 17:38

June is a wonderful month. Treat yourself with a float. #float #sensorydeprivation #bloomsburg #artoffloating

@ArtofFloating May 31, 23:29

June 2016 Newsletter -

@ArtofFloating May 24, 17:34

Props to @mathiashenry for taking this sweet pic of our tank rooms. #float #jre #Bloomsburg #bloomsburguniversity

@ArtofFloating May 14, 22:06

It's 5 o'clock(ish). Make sure to click this link -> and purchase our 3rd Year Anniversary Float Package!

@ArtofFloating May 14, 18:23

3 Year Anniversary going strong! #powerful #artoffloating #mentalartsnetwork

@ArtofFloating May 14, 16:28

3 Years in the #Float Industry! Let's Party! Purchase our 5 and 10 Float Packages here!

@ArtofFloating May 14, 15:02

The crew is all here! Time to party! Stop by AOF! #artoffloating #Mentalartsnetwork #jre #floating

@ArtofFloating May 14, 12:51

It's our 3rd Year Anniversary Party today! Click this link here --> and purchase one of our Float Specials!

@ArtofFloating May 05, 16:21

Check out this article on stress and anxiety. While you're at it, come float.

@ArtofFloating May 04, 17:22

You don't have to drive to a big city to experience #FLOATING for yourself. Come to Bloomsburg and get your #float on for just $40.

@ArtofFloating May 01, 18:11

People Try Sensory Deprivation Tanks For The First Time #artoffloating #float #jre #sensory deprivation

@ArtofFloating May 01, 15:23

#Repost blauangel ・・・ Your soft lips against mine. Your delicate caress across my cheek. Your…

@911well Apr 25, 03:51

Your inner voice brings you happiness.. if left undisturbed by others negativity .. #innerpeace #mindfulness

@TrainingMindful Apr 25, 03:46

"Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all #abundance." ~ Eckhart Tolle #good

@danspena Apr 24, 19:28

Tough times don't last. Tough people do! - Download #Penaism ringtones @

@FloatSpa1 Apr 24, 19:27

Ambient chilled groove now on Float Spa FM. Listen on

@Leadershipfreak Apr 24, 19:27

Something I've noticed about successful leaders: !

@Unisoultheory Apr 24, 17:34

The only thing you need to be rescued from is the belief that you need to be.

@EmilylaGrange Apr 24, 01:26

@StuKeroff @StuKeroff @ArtofFloating @marshawright - thanks so much for the share!

@EmilylaGrange Apr 23, 23:36

Too many of us are not living our #dreams because we are living our #fears. Les Brown #ThinkBIGSundayWithMarsha


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