Art of Floating

We have 5 Sensory Deprivation Tanks. Our staff is well trained and excited to facilitate an awesome and profound float experience for you.

Experience profound rest and relaxation. Plan a trip, an inner excursion. . . at your home away from home.

Express the real you.

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@ArtofFloating Jan 17, 23:07

@tferriss giving floating some love. Incredible book, highly recommended #toolsfortitans

@ArtofFloating Jan 17, 18:14

Truth...weekly floating gives you this opportunity without distractions @goodquoteco

@ArtofFloating Jan 16, 21:50

The commitments of everyday life can be overwhelming. Floating clears the mind and helps guide you in the right dir…

@ArtofFloating Dec 11, 20:24

#float ur way to #artoffloating and buy a package of floats at $35 a piece!

@ArtofFloating Nov 28, 02:19

This video isn't a unique experience for just these women. It's awesome to work in a float center and hear what cli…

@ArtofFloating Nov 25, 20:08

Floating for Parkinson's

@ArtofFloating Nov 23, 16:29

the hurdle is thinking that floating is a once and done kind of thing. Here we know what floating does for you, so …

@ArtofFloating Nov 20, 02:46

Don't forget to download our app on your smart phone and get updates and things to lift your…

@ArtofFloating Nov 17, 17:55

You're worth it. Invest in your mental health. Book your next float asap! - via

@ArtofFloating Nov 16, 16:53

Did y'all know that AoF has $35 Floats??? Come and get your float on - via

@ArtofFloating Nov 14, 14:06

If you've floated before you know what a difference it can make in your life. Tag a friend that could use a hand an…

@ArtofFloating Nov 11, 21:00

Float infographic

@ArtofFloating Nov 10, 20:12

Get the #Artoffloating #APP. Book from your phone and get mental circuitry clearing messages from the AOF crew.…

@ArtofFloating Nov 10, 19:44

If you have a voice, you have value. Don't ever sell yourself short. Keep Calm and Go Float! - via

@ArtofFloating Nov 08, 23:35

#FunFact: The phrase "learn things by heart" or any similar phrase was said because thought, mind and soul were located in the heart.

@ArtofFloating Nov 08, 22:25

Check out our new infographic. This should help out all new floaters understand how it works. #floating #jre

@ArtofFloating Nov 04, 22:35

Yes! World Champions #Float. There's no reason why PA residents can experience world class float treatment.…

@ArtofFloating Nov 04, 18:17

3, 5 and 10 Float Packages are now available! Get them at Art of Floating or buy them online!…

@ArtofFloating Nov 04, 18:04

Behind the Strange New Science of Floating

@ArtofFloating Nov 04, 14:17

$35 Float Packages are now available in 3, 5 and 10 Packs! Get them here:

@ArtofFloating Nov 04, 12:55

Your inner adventure awaits.

@ArtofFloating Oct 17, 17:58

Art of Floating cares very much for our Vets! Experience sensory deprivation. See what floating can do for you.

@ArtofFloating Oct 13, 17:55

Take away the bulky suit and the earth. Add in some skin temperature water and about 1000 pounds of salt

People try sensory deprivation tanks for the first time

Float Nation Documentary

The most powerful tool for self-development