Art of Floating

We have 5 Sensory Deprivation Tanks. Our staff is well trained and excited to facilitate an awesome and profound float experience for you.

Experience profound rest and relaxation. Plan a trip, an inner excursion. . . at your home away from home.

Express the real you.

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@ArtofFloating Aug 17, 18:00

"May you live every day of your life" Jonathan Swift #MotivationalQuotes #life

@ArtofFloating Aug 16, 21:50

"The fear that the universe isn't what you assume it to be is very basic, especially when you know it isn't what you assume it" J. C. L.

@ArtofFloating Aug 16, 00:12

@PaEMTP56 Aww so sweet! Is ice cream cake her favorite?

@ArtofFloating Aug 15, 20:47

"Courage is a love affair with the unknown." #OSHO #quotes #courage

@ArtofFloating Aug 15, 18:15

@FatBoyFit80 We can see why! Also, not sure if you're considered floating before, but we'd love if you keep us in mind. :)

@ArtofFloating Aug 15, 16:04

Make sure to schedule some time for yourself today. #relaxationday

@ArtofFloating Aug 14, 19:54

Make sure you mark your calendars for next Monday :)

@ArtofFloating Aug 14, 18:48

@FatBoyFit80 Sounds so good! Is this one of your favorite recipes?

@ArtofFloating Aug 12, 21:55

The Dude Abides #lilly #float @ Art of Floating

@ArtofFloating Aug 09, 17:25

@HiliaryBower Cheese can be so hard to give up -- we get it! And so true. Have you found any favorite baking recipes?

@ArtofFloating Aug 09, 15:07

We're so glad we could help take away some of your stress.

@ArtofFloating Aug 08, 23:00

@cmarcera That looks amazing! Did you grill this yourself?

@ArtofFloating Aug 07, 18:15

@HiliaryBower That's amazing! How long have you been #vegan?

@ArtofFloating Aug 07, 17:28

Ours look a little bit like this.

@ArtofFloating Aug 06, 18:19

That feeling...

@ArtofFloating Aug 05, 20:12

"None but ourselves can free our minds" #BobMarleyquotes

@ArtofFloating Aug 04, 21:32

That feeling after you tried floating for the first time.

@ArtofFloating Aug 03, 17:29

In general, men's brains are 10% bigger than women's, even after taking into account larger body size. #factsmatter #ThursdayThoughts

@ArtofFloating Aug 02, 19:12

Your brain weighs about 3 pounds. Of that, the dry weight is 60% fat, making your brain the fattiest organ #factsmatter

@ArtofFloating Aug 01, 16:23

We apprecaite your feedback!

@ArtofFloating Aug 01, 15:47

@Barefootzz Gorgeous! Were you out hiking?

@ArtofFloating Aug 01, 03:24

1 hour of floating = 4 hours of deep REM sleep #floattherapy #sleepingproblems #FLOAT

@ArtofFloating Jul 31, 17:51

@realkirbyquick That's awesome! Which room did you unpack first?

@ArtofFloating Jul 30, 21:55

"Your own self-realization is the greatest service you can render to the world" Ramana Maharshi #quoteoftheday

@ArtofFloating Jul 29, 23:16

Video of Dr. Justin Feinstein looking at Float Therapy as treatment for anxiety #anxietyproblems #floattherapy

@ArtofFloating Jul 28, 18:33

"If you don't like something change it. If you can change it, change your attitude. Don't complain" Maya Angelou #quotes

@ArtofFloating Jul 27, 22:18

Drift into your own world. Find peace, learn true relaxation.

@ArtofFloating Jul 26, 22:10

@kennnz_ Sounds like a perfect day off! What color nail polish did you pick?

@ArtofFloating Jul 25, 19:00

@lara__rose__ Nice! Any particular furniture or decor you have your eye on?

@ArtofFloating Jul 25, 17:20

This just in: Floating will leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready to conquer the week!

People try sensory deprivation tanks for the first time

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